RADAR DATA: It’s Critical and is Explained on Petition Page 6

When an aircraft’s transponder (radar beacon) goes dead in mid-flight, reflected radar signals (primary returns) can be critical to help determine what happened, where, and when.  Our analysis of the TWA 800 radar data shows that a high-velocity event occurred at the aircraft’s position simultaneously with the jetliner’s transponder going dead.  This radar analysis begins on page 6 of our NTSB Petition for Probable Cause Reconsideration.

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Victims’ Family Members Respond

TWA Flight 800 Video Response to Peter Goelz

Former senior NTSB investigator Hank Hughes and TWA Flight 800 co-producer Tom Stalcup respond to inaccurate statements provided by former NTSB Managing Director Peter Goelz’ during his June 20th, 2013 appearance on CNN’s ‘Situation Room’.

Tom Stalcup Joins FNC’s Megyn Kelly

Tom Stalcup, the Co-Producer of ‘TWA Flight 800″ Documentary joins FNC’s Megyn Kelly to discuss new evidence that’s been brought forward that sheds a different light on the controversial flight disaster. Former FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom offers his perspective as well.