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June 2014 Open Letter of Protest to NTSB

This letter lists the TWA 800 Project Investigative Team’s year-long and ongoing efforts to correct the official record that continues to be tainted by corrupt and misinformed current and former NTSB officials.  Nearly all of the Team’s efforts have been blocked by top NTSB officials.  For example, we have never been allowed to directly communicate or exchange information with any NTSB staff member reviewing our petition.  Also, our repeated requests that the NTSB correct inaccurate information its current and former staff members have supplied to the US media since the submission of our petition have been denied.

Affidavit of Senior NTSB Investigator (Ret.) Henry F. Hughes

The letter of protest is buttressed by an Affidavit by retired senior NTSB accident investigator Hank Hughes that provides a detailed insider account of who did what during the original crash investigation to alter, taint and suppress evidence. Hughes points to members of the three main agencies involved in the investigation, including the NTSB leadership, FBI agents and a CIA team that produced an animation showing that the eyewitnesses “did not see a missile” as the primary culprits responsible for derailing the original crash investigation.

Truth and Accountability for TWA Flight 800 Plane Crash

17 years ago, on July 17, TWA 800 crashed into the water over Long Island, 230 passengers were on board and all perished. The documentary that was released recently by physicist Tom Stalcup and producer Kristina Borjesson who have dedicated their time and resources with no personal reason other than to learn the real truth of the accident NEEDS to be reinvestigated. This can impact many moving forward to ensure transparency in all investigations of large magnitude such as TWA plane flight 800.
This is important to me and I have never publicly discussed it until now, only for this petition. Sadly, I had two family members on this plane that I never had the opportunity to meet, my biological father and 1/2 brother. I am fortunate to know Lamar’s Family but have so many unanswered questions that will last for eternity. Many other family members of victims have a different pain, the pain of who they miss every day. Different for everyone but one thing in common, we deserve the truth. Please sign this by going to the link. http://www.causes.com/actions/1757235-twa-flight-800-petition-to-reopen-investigation

— Christine Grogan (campaign leader)

The original investigation into the crash of TWA Flight 800 was seriously undermined and led to a “probable cause” of the crash that is not supported by the forensic evidence.

Evidence was altered and tainted by FBI investigators (including Ricky Hahn) as well as by David Mayer of the NTSB. The CIA’s Randy Tauss oversaw the production of a fraudulent animation to discredit eyewitnesses that members of his team knew were fraudulent. The NTSB’s own expert aviation accident investigators, as well as other NTSB-approved parties to the investigation, were not able to properly carry out or complete their work.

We’re asking for you help to make sure that the six former members of the official crash investigation who have blown the whistle to expose major malfeasance need your support. These investigators, who directly handled the forensic evidence, can also correct the record on what happened to the plane.

Those who engaged in tainting and altering evidence and those who engaged in perpetrating a fraud on the American people to cover up the actual cause of the crash should be identified and held accountable–no matter who they are or how high up in the government they may have been at the time.

Because so many people came, and are coming forward to blow the whistle on the original crash investigation, with your support, enough pressure can be brought to bear to reopen the TWA Flight 800 investigation.

When that happens, a line in the sand will finally have been drawn warning those in government who would corrupt investigations or carry out illegal activities that they will be held accountable–no matter how long it takes.

Read the petition: NTSB Petition to Reconsider TWA Flight 800 Probable Cause